Wellness Resources

The CRMC Wellness Committee is looking for any and all resources that can help employees kickstart an exercise regimen in their lives. Check back periodically for new resources.

WebMD 5-Minute Desk Exercises Video 

Visit this link to see a quick video from WebMD demonstrating exercises that you can easily do at your desk including a one-minute squat, one-minute dips as well as vertical crunches. Click here to see the two-minute video demonstration.  

American Heart Association Beginner Walking Plan 

This six-week program is for the beginner walker who wants to improve overall health and increase energy. Walks start at 10 minutes or less and gradually work up to 30-plus minutes. Click here to download this program. 

BCBS Understanding Food Labels, ChooseMyPlate.gov and Portion Control Video

The video produced by the FDA and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama will help you understand how to read food labels, how to plan a balanced meal using ChooseMyPlate.gov and understanding appropriate portion sizes.