CRMC Financial Charity Policy & Application Procedure

Consistent with our mission to promote wellness and provide excellent healthcare services in the most efficient manner, Cullman Regional Medical Center extends charity applications to patients who receive medically necessary services and claim to lack the ability to pay and are willing to submit supporting documentation.

Application Procedure
Identifying Patients Needing Financial Assistance
  1. At any time, during an initial financial screening and continuing collections process, patients who claim to lack the ability to pay will be offered a Financial Assessment Application.
  2. The Financial Assessment Application process will be explained by a hospital representative by contacting the Patient Financial Services Department at (256) 737-2986.
  3. Patients will be expected to complete the Financial Assessment Application and comply with requirements outlines in the application for supporting documents.
Method of Applying for Financial Assistance
  1. The application must be complete in its entirety. – click here to fill out and application online
    • Within 10 days of receipt, the patient must return the application & supporting documents.
    • Additional time may be granted in extenuating circumstances.
  2. Supporting documentation includes, but is not limited to: - click here for a printable copy of this list -
    • Most recent year’s income tax return.
    • Copy of social security cards or formal identification for all household members considered in income guidelines.
    • Most recent month’s checking and savings statement
    • All monthly payment obligations reported on application
    • Proof of income in the form of check stubs or a notarized memo from employer; the employer name, address and telephone must be shown on proof of income
    • Notarized verification of any support received from friends, family, churches, charitable organizations, etc.
    • Written verification of a pending disability case

    Exclusions to Supporting Documentation Requirements
    1. Administrative Determination
      • CRMC Administration may, on a case-by-case basis, and not with prior determination, exempt a patient from requested documentation in the event of extenuating circumstances.
      • Details of extenuating circumstances will be documented in the Financial Counselor’s summary and recommendations.
    2. Medicaid Recipients
      • Medicaid Recipient Patients who exhaust their Medicaid coverage for a specific aide category, indicated on the Medicaid Remittance Advice, will receive a 100% adjustment to the specified account balance. The adjustment code will reflect "Medicaid Exhausted" and will allocate charges to the appropriate charity General Ledger number.
      • Business Office will confirm that the recipient ID was correct on the claim filed to Medicaid.
      • In the case of recipients under age 21, Business Office will confirm there is no EPST Referral that should have been used on the claim.
    3. Good Samaritan Health Clinic Patients
      • Those with a qualifying Good Samaritan Health Clinic Patient Identification Card in effect for the date of service Financial Assistance is requested, will not be required to complete the Financial Assessment Application.
      • Supporting documentation will be kept by the Good Samaritan Health Clinic.

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Assistance & Discounted Care

  • CRMC uses the Federal Poverty guidelines to determine eligibility for charity consideration. The guidelines are based upon annual income and family size and are adjusted by the government each year. Based on household income and family size, you may quality for a full or partial discount. Click here for the Guidelines, or contact the Patient Financial Services Department at (256) 737-2986.

Charity Review and Assessment

  1. Financial Counselors will review Financial Assessment Application with supporting documents, obtain a consumer credit report, summarize the information and recommend approval or denial.
    • Patient’s annual household income will be compared to eligibility guidelines based upon 200% of Federal Poverty Levels.
  2. Recommendations will be assessed by Patient Financial Services Manager, Patient Financial Services Director and/or Chief Financial Officer.
  3. Financial Counselor will notify patient of assessment outcome and explain any payment required.

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