During Your Stay

Your Room
Your room assignment at Cullman Regional Medical Center is based upon your admitting diagnosis and the bed availability on the day of your admission. CRMC was designed to provide each patient with comfortable, private accommodations. There are 15 semi-private rooms, but we will make every effort to assign only one patient to these rooms if the census allows.

Diagnostic Tests
All tests are ordered by your physician and may involve medications and restrictions in diet or physical activity, which will be explained, by your physician or a member of the nursing staff.

Food and Nutrition Services
Your physician may place some restrictions and limitations on certain foods in accordance with your medical problems. If you have any questions concerning your special diet, please discuss them with your physician or the hospital dietitian.

Information and Switchboard
The Guest Relations Desk and Switchboard are located on the ground level in the main lobby for all your information needs. A Patient Handbook can be found in your room and can provide information to you or your loved ones during your stay. Click here flip through the CRMC  Patient Handbook online.

Mail, Flowers or E-cards
Any mail or flowers that you receive will be delivered to your room by the CRMC Auxiliary or other CRMC Volunteers.

Discharge Planning
Nursing staff members will assist you when you are ready to leave the hospital. They will help explain discharge instructions and prescriptions. They will also escort you and your belongings to the door where you can be picked up by your family or friend. Please check, or have a relative check with the Cashier's Office to settle your account before you leave. Please make arrangements in advance to have someone pick you up on the day you will be discharged. You will be helping incoming patients by leaving the hospital as soon as your doctor says you may do so.

Personal Belongings
Before leaving your room, double-check all closets and drawers for your personal items. CRMC cannot be responsible for personal items left in patient rooms.