Patient Safety Tips

At CRMC we want to maintain a safe and secure environment for all of our patients. Please assist us by asking questions and actively participating in your care and treatment. Here are a few safety tips for you while you are here in the hospital:
  • Please ask a relative or friend to be with you if this will help you ask questions and understand answers.
  • In order to prevent infection, it is your right to ask all health care workers providing your treatment to wash their hands.
  • If the health care worker does not check your armband, please ask him/her to do so.
  • Please make sure your nurse knows about any known allergies.
  • If you haven’t been given a room orientation (how to operate the bed, nurse call, TV) please ask your nurse to do so.
  • Please inform your hospital caregivers if you have any problems standing or walking, so they can assist you as needed.
  • If the medicine you are receiving looks different from what you expect, please ask the nurse about it.
  • When you are discharged, please make sure your physician talks to you about the medicine you will be taking, what it is for and how much you should take.
  • Please make sure you get the results of any test or procedure.
  • If you are having surgery, please make sure that you and your physicians all agree and are clear on exactly what will be done.