Your Hospital Team

Physicians and Medical Staff
More than 80 physicians, representing virtually every medical specialty, make up the medical staff at CRMC. The physician who admits you is responsible for directing your care while you are a patient in the hospital. Your physician, as the coordinator for your treatment program, should be consulted if you have questions about your illness. For more information on the CRMC Medical Staff, click here.

Nursing Staff
A registered nurse is assigned each shift to supervise your care. The registered nurse may be assisted by licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants or patient care assistants. Our nurses are committed to safe, efficient and satisfying care. If you have questions or concerns during your hospital stay, ask to speak with the nurse manager on the floor or the nursing supervisor.

Rapid Response Team (RRT)
The CRMC RRT was implemented to assist staff, patients and families if they feel they have an emergency and need immediate assistance. The team consists of a Critical Care Unit (CCU) Nurse, the House Supervisor (RN) and Respiratory Therapist. Our RRT may be reached at extension 2475 or (256) 737-2475 if you feel your condition is deteriorating and you need immediate assistance.

Technologists and Therapists
While at CRMC, technologists and therapists from various departments may assist in your care. You may see professionals from the Diagnostic Imaging Center, Laboratory, Respiratory Care, Physical Therapy and other departments. All of these staff members are licensed and/or trained in their area of care and work under the direction of your physician.

The hospital maintains a staff of full-time, registered dietitians to meet your dietary needs during your stay. For more information on the Dietitian Team, visit CRMC Nutrition & Wellness Services online.

Pharmacists are responsible for the safe and appropriate use of drugs within the hospital. A medication profile includes a list of medications ordered by the physician plus other specific patient information, such as allergies and weight. Pharmacists review the profile each time changes are made in the medication regimen.

Case Managers
Hospitalization may cause added stress for you and your family. Professional case managers are available to help during and after your hospital stay. They provide guidance and counseling to patients and families with social, financial, environmental, vocational or psychological concerns. They also assist with discharge planning and advise patients and families about community resources. There is no charge for these services. All information remains confidential. Click here for more information on CRMC Case Managers.

Personal faith in God can be of significant value in the total healing process. Studies have indicated that a positive outlook on life may actually speed up physical recovery in many cases. Clergy from the area visit the hospital every day. They are invited to visit patients from their congregation at any time.

The Chaplains who serve CRMC are ready to assist you with your spiritual needs 24 hours a day. Our Chaplains are trained to minister to all denominations and those who may be of no particular faith. Your nurse can assist you if you wish to contact a chaplain. For more information on CRMC Chaplains or to request a Chaplain visit online, click here.

Auxiliary & CRMC Adult Volunteers
Dedicated men and women volunteer their time and talents to the hospital. The Auxiliary contributes thousands of hours to the hospital each year by providing a variety of services. These volunteers deliver plants, flowers and patient mail; serve as hostesses in the waiting rooms; and escort ambulatory patients as needed.  For more information on CRMC Volunteer opportunities & services, click here.

Other Staff
You may come in contact with a variety of staff members at CRMC. All persons affiliated with CRMC wear an identification badge displaying a name and photo. Feel free to ask the names and duties of any person involved in your care.