CPAP Care Center Staff & Services

The CRMC CPAP Care Center staff consists of two Licensed and Registered Respiratory Therapists with more than 37 years combined experience in Respiratory Therapy. Our office billing staff has over 10 years of experience handling individual claims.

Our staff will assist you with set-up, billing, mask fitting, counseling and compliance monitoring. We have a CPAP specialist on call 24-housr a day, seven days a week to assist patients with any problems as they arise. Call the CPAP Care Center office for more information at (256) 737-2753.

Our Service-PLUS Program

The CPAP Care Center’s Service-PLUS Mask-Fitting Program assists each patient in choosing the correct mask. The fitting masks/interfaces allow patients to try different mask options prior to purchasing. This is important during the first six to 10 months after the purchase and during the waiting period required between purchases when insurance does not reimburse for new or different equipment.

This program allows CPAP Care Center patient the opportunity to try different masks or replace broken or worn parts with little or no charge.

CRMC CPAP Care Center patients have a 75 percent or greater compliance success rate. This means that our patients are more successful in overcoming their sleep disorder due to wearing their PAP Therapy device.