ER Staff, Awards & Programs

The Emergency Services Center of Cullman Regional Medical Center has been providing care for patients since 1939. Our staff includes Board-Certified Emergency Physicians, Certified Nurse Practitioners, Certified Physician Assistants and Registered Nurses with over 409 years of experience.

In order to provide the highest level of care to the community, Cullman Regional Medical Center has partnered with Pegasus Emergency Group. Pegasus Emergency Group is a rapidly growing emergency medicine company with a commitment to excellence, exceptional patient care, outstanding opportunities for physicians and superb performance for our partner hospitals. Cullman Regional Medical Center was the first hospital in the State of Alabama to contract with Pegasus Emergency Group and numerous Alabama hospitals have followed suit in order to main our standard of care. To learn more about Pegasus Emergency Group, click here to visit them online.

All of the CRMC Emergency Department staff is trained in disaster preparedness and FEMA Training with special training on the Incident Command System CODE HICS. All of the Registered Nurses in the emergency department are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and in the American Heart Association’s Stroke Certification. Many Registered Nurses in the Emergency Department hold additional certifications including the following: Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist, Trauma Nurse, Neonatal Resuscitation, Emergency Pediatric Nurse, Basic Trauma Life Support, Chemotherapy Certification and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic.

Awards & Programs
  • The CRMC Emergency Department has received the Pegasus Emergency Room Award for Core Measure Quality Performance, Best Length of Stay and Lowest Left without Being Seen measures among all Pegasus Group hospitals.
  • The CRMC Emergency Services team was recognized for CRMC Team Excellence Award in2009. The CRMC Excellence Philosophy is to support education and research, to enhance performance and to continuously improve ourselves and others by continuing to learn. The Cullman Regional Medical Center Excellence Award recognizes those who embrace the philosophy in the area of employee development, clinical quality and customer satisfaction.
  • The CRMC Emergency Services team has been recognized for CRMC Team Guest Excellence for Respect which recognizes teams that respect the value and dignity of guests and team members. These teams typically appreciate and respect the value of CRMC guest’s time; respect guests, their surroundings, their possessions and their family; respect the different needs of CRMC guests and make every effort to accommodate those needs; and respect the boundaries of CRMC guests and team members accordingly.
Trauma Prevention Program
In an effort to educate teen drivers about the risks of driving recklessly, Cullman Regional Medical Center has partnered with the local courts to create the Trauma Prevention Program. The Trauma Prevention program is a court-appointed, one-day interactive educational experience for adolescents with minor driving offenses, but will be open to the community if class space allows. Upon successful completion of the program, teenagers with first-time tickets can have them removed from their driving records after paying court costs.