Hospice, Inc. Board of Directors

Hospice, Inc. is a volunteer-led Board of Directors that oversees the Indigent Patient Care Fund of Hospice of Cullman County in order to provide care provide care the citizens of Cullman County regardless of their ability to pay. Each year the Hospice, Inc. Board facilitates fundraisers to assist patients and their families with everyday living expenses such as utility bills, prescriptions not covered under their diagnosis, food, shelter, gasoline, clothes and basic life necessities.

2014-2015 Board Members

  • Blanche Kent
  • Frances Cooper
  • Wendell Copeland
  • Peggy Doss
  • Jimmy Drake
  • Nell Dunlap
  • Martha Hart
  • Emily Johnston
  • Clara Kent
  • Mike Manning
  • Bill Oliver
  • Greg Picgona
  • Lori Tafazoli
  • Amy Walker
  • Randy Weathersby

    For more information on Hospice, Inc. activities, call the Hospice of Cullman County office at (256) 739-5185.