Hospitalist Services

When a decision is made to admit you to Cullman Regional Medical Center, your Primary Care physician may request a Hospitalist care for you.  If a surgeon or specialist admits you, a Hospitalist may be requested to see you in consultation.

Your doctor will contact our Hospitalist, who will then admit you to the hospital and begin your care.  Our hospitalist program operates on a 24-hour, 7 day a week schedule, and our team of highly qualified physicians work together to provide your care, similar to other physician practices.  You may be seen by more than one physician during your hospitalization; however, your care will continue to be well coordinated and seamless.

Some of the Basic Clinical Services Hospitalists Provide:
  • Admission to discharge care of medical patients that are greater than 16 years of age.
  • Medical consultation on surgery, psychiatry and other non-medical services.
  • Courtesy H&P’s and Stress Tests performed on Non-Hospitalist patients.
  • CCU care for patients with a primary medical condition.
  • Admitting and caring for medical subspecialty cases with consultative back-up.
  • Automatic surgical co-management.
  • Vacation coverage for private attending physicians.