CRMC Maternity & Nursery Center Team

Your CRMC Maternity & Nursery Care Center Comprehensive Care Team includes access to first-class obstetricians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians and family practitioners; board-certified Pediatricians specializing in the care of high-risk neonates; physicians double board-certified in Pediatric and Emergency Medicine in the ER should your baby need emergency care following discharge from the hospital; Registered Nurses certified in neonatal resuscitation and fetal monitoring; and lactation counselors who are available to discuss your breastfeeding concerns and can schedule outpatient appointments as needed by calling the Breastfeeding Help Line: (256) 737-2217.

CRMC Obstetricians

Thomas Richard, MD  Shane Sheffield, MD John Wideman, MD  Randy Yarbrough, MD

CRMC Pediatricians 

Mark K. Addison, MD, MPH Brian C. Corliss, MD  Lisa K. Joines, MD   Michael J. Lunsford, MD  James M. Thomason, MD

CRMC Family Practitioners

Greg Bostick, MD Walter Brumleve, MD   Christopher Coccia, DO Angelia Elliott, MD  J. Rick Gober, MD 
Joseph Johnson, MD Joseph Jowers, MD  Michael Machen, MD  Tom Montgomery, MD   Randall Quinn, MD
  Michael Schendel, MD Jamie Sharpton, DO Mark Tafazoli, MD