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 The Cullman Regional Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center has been helping patients in the Cullman area sleep better since 1997 and features a staff of 7 Registered Polysomnographic Technologists with a total of 53 years combined experience and 5 Sleep Techs with a total of 19 years combined experience.

The CRMC Sleep Disorders Center is proud to have G. Scott Warner, MD as the CRMC Sleep Disorders Center Medical Director who brings 20 years of experience to the team and Mark Tafazoli, MD who serves as the CRMC Sleep Disorders Center Medical Director of Student Affairs, Technology, Research and the CPAP Care Center and brings 12 years of experience.

Our Physicians

Mark Tafazoli, MD
G. Scott Warner, MD

Our Services

Sleep Studies & Testing

Testing includes overnight observation to monitor heart function, stages of sleep, blood oxygen levels and sleeping positions. These procedures are performed in the friendly, comfortable environment unique to the CRMC Sleep Disorders Center.

Sleep Disorders can often be effectively treated with advice and training in special techniques. If your physician feels that your case requires specialized counseling, an appropriate referral for our counseling services will be made.

Scheduling /Referrals
The CRMC Sleep Disorders Center will accept emergency sleep study patients from outside of our area if their physician works through one of the CRMC Sleep Disorders Center physicians.

If a request for a sleep evaluation is initiated by your primary physician, all arrangements will be made as need through the CRMC Sleep Disorders Staff.

Sleep Disorders are recognized medical problems. However, individual insurance carriers vary tremendously in their reimbursement policies. We suggest that each patient contact his or her insurance provider prior to testing to find out their reimbursement policy. Cullman Regional Medical Center will make every effort to assist patients of the CRMC Sleep Disorders Center with their claim and will file and insurance claim on behalf of the patient if insurance information is provided.