CRMC Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

At Cullman Regional Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing the best in healthcare and wellness services for the people of our community. To meet these growing needs, CRMC has established CRMC Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, a comprehensive approach to orthopedics and athletic healthcare.

CRMC’s Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers unique services to the athlete – training in injury prevention, injury treatment and rehabilitation. Working with other medical professionals, our Certified Athletic Trainers specialize in the prevention and management of sports-related injuries. Our commitment is to maintain a continual presence in the community, building relationships with players, coaches and families. When athletes take to the field or court, you can rest assured that our team of specialists will be there.

CRMC Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Athletic Trainers are located on the fields, gyms, etc. during any/all athletic programs at Cullman High School, Fairview High School, and West Point High School.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1108
Cullman, AL 35056-1108
Telephone:  (256) 737-2271
FAX: (256) 737-2560

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